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Boxing: Important Information About It That You Must Learn Of Boxing is a term that is commonly used to pertain to a sport that consists of two individuals engaging themselves in a fight that is making use of the power of their own fists. Greek, as a matter of fact, are popularly known for being the ones who are believed to be the very first to formalize or form the sport boxing and this event happen in the year six hundred eighty-eight BC during the Olympic Games. On the other hand, in the era were Romans are ruling, the sport boxing has become increasingly popular and famous among the Romans wherein this is the beginning of requiring boxers to make use leather bands worn around their fists for the purpose of protection. One important thing that you need to know about these bands is the fact that there are some of it that contains metal strips which causes significant injuries to both opponents. However, the popularity and the fame attached to the sport boxing was shaken and eventually fall down after the fall of Rome when its popularity slowly decreases and its appeal almost fading yet, then James Figg, a boxer who defended his title for over twenty years was able to do it again, the revival of boxing in the eighteenth century was completed. But a different thing happened in the Industrial Revolution since the sport boxing was pertained to as the workingman’s sport wherein the matches being held were resemblance of street fights, instead of being an organized event like it used to be. The title of becoming the second heavyweight champion of the world was achieved by an English born boxer named Jack Broughton and this happened in the year seventeen seventy three. During this time, the bouts has become more organized and there is now an involvement of rules and regulations to manage every games happening. In addition to that, this is also the time when hitting below the belt was banned and was first applied as a rule plus, the matches were decided based on the use of the point system. And also, it was during this time when every fights and every bouts were first done inside the ring where the spectators were sitting around squared off area- the same as the fights being held today.
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One thing that can be observed in the boxing competitions we have these days is the fact that every match is divided into set number of rounds and every round comprises of three long minutes with one minute break given after every round. Championships fights usually last for about twelve rounds however, since there is no real governing body that restrict fights to last below twelve rounds, the rules tend to vary from state to state.A Simple Plan: Workouts

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