An Unbiased Review of the M7 Exercise Machine

The Max M7 is the newest offering in Bowflex’s Max Trainer line, and it’s just like the machines in the gym—but better. In this review is an explanation of the machine’s features, its benefits and disadvantages, and much more.

A Brief Overview

The M7 uses the same technology as its predecessors, the M3 and the M5. The movement is best described as a combination of the motion of an elliptical and a stair climber. These two motions, when combined, have a powerful effect, and they can help to accelerate weight loss. According to bowflex, the M7 can help a user burn up to 300 calories in 15 minutes. While calorie burn depends on exercise intensity, most users can expect to burn calories very quickly.

The Display

The M7 is Bowflex’s only Max Trainer model equipped with a full-function display. The screen is backlit, and large enough to make it easy to read metrics such as exercise length, calorie burn and more.


The M7 is adaptable to the user’s level of fitness, while the M3 and M5 rely on the user’s knowledge of their fitness level. However, the M7 automatically adapts based on the user’s meeting his or her goals.

The Workouts

The M7’s preset workouts leave users with plenty of fitness options from which to choose. The user selects a workout based on his or her fitness goals; when a program is chosen, the machine offers on-screen coaching. That’s a definite step up from the M5, which has the presets but no coaching function.

Sturdy Construction

The M7, like the other machines in the Max Series, is made of very rugged, high-quality materials. However, the M7 takes it a bit further with touches such as ergonomically-designed handgrips and stainless steel pedals. This machine feels different, but in a very good way.

Free Shipping & Free Returns

Where exercise equipment is concerned, free shipping is a nice perk and it can put the M7 in the reach of more customers. The machine’s free returns offer peace of mind as well. Once it arrives to the customer’s door, they have six weeks to try it out, and if they’re not thrilled, they can return it for free.

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