Finding Similarities Between Marathons and Life

Run for ALS This Thanksgiving in San Diego In the United States there are holidays all year round that people look forward to. It is without a doubt that Americans look forward to these public holidays. They enjoy these days because on these days most of them will not go to work. What that simply means is that they get to decide what to do on those days because they are free on those days. In one year you would find different holidays mandated by the government. The most famous ones would be Christmas and New Year holidays. There are a lot of celebrations going on during this time of the year. Apart from Christmas and New Year, another famous American holiday is Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that is only celebrated in the United States because it is part of their history. This public holiday was taken from the concept of the harvest festival practiced by the pilgrims then in America. Then one of the presidents turned the tradition of harvest festival into a public holiday. Do you know then what Americans do to celebrate Thanksgiving? On this day, many American families get together and happily share a meal with one another as their form of celebration. The women in the family are usually the ones busy on this day preparing home-cooked meals that the family can enjoy together. And in a Thanksgiving meal, the common highlight of it is the turkey which is stuffed with goodies inside. Sharing Thanksgiving dinner is one tradition that many American families still do nowadays.
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Now it is not just dinner that you can do on this holiday. If you wish, you can even join the Thanksgiving run for ALS in San Diego. But first do you know about ALS? This involves the loss of function of the muscle neurons over time. Some of the first symptoms are fatigue in muscles, slurred speech, clumsiness, weakness in legs. Those who suffer from this degenerative disease usually get it in between the age of 40 and 60. The loss of muscles will ultimately result to the disability of the person. There is no known cure at the moment for this. But scientists are conducting their research in order to find a cure.
Resources – Getting Started & Next Steps
This kind of research cost a lot of money but one can do one’s part in helping out just by joining the run for it. If you are a newbie to running you can still join. You just need a willing heart and you can make it happen. What’s more is that as you donate you are able to move your body. There are different distances available. There is the 3k and 5k for the beginners and there are the much longer distances for those who are really into running. One of the things that you will be given when you register is what you will wear when you run. It is easy to get information on this online.

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