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LA Chargers Ticket Buying Guide

The San Diego Chargers are now calling themselves LA Chargers, after the decision to move back to Los Angeles for the new season and play their homes at the StubHub Center. And while the new and permanent home stadium at Hollywood Park will be the team’s official playing venue, it won’t be ready until 2019. As such, those who are planning to watch the home games need to understand that they’ll have to purchase tickets for StubHub Center, at least for the next two seasons for the LA Chargers.

Well, even if Qualcomm Stadium is no longer the home of the Chargers, the way you buy tickets for the team’s home games is pretty much the same, which is to go to or call the Chargers box office. You expect to get fair ticket prices from the official store. Nonetheless, there are times when no tickets are available or maybe the price is too high, and this means you have to look for other options.

So what other options do you have? Perhaps you might want to go to a ticket broker. It may be true that ticket brokers could be charging you more, but it sure doesn’t mean you no longer explore your options, right? But if you’re fortunate enough, you might find another Chargers fan who happen to have bought a ticket but won’t be seeing the game for whatever reason; at this point, grab the opportunity and buy his or her tickets instead.

Meanwhile, the options you have when buying LA Chargers tickets aren’t really different when compared to other NFL teams. What we mean here is that you basically have two choices – purchase season tickets or single game tickets. For the most part, buying season tickets usually means getting them before the start of the football season. The reason why you should do this, especially now that the LA Chargers are playing on a new stadium, is because it will allow you to choose a specific seat for the rest of the regular season, for home games that is.

But in the event that the Chargers find their way to the playoffs this season, you will need to purchase additional tickets in order to see the playoff games. Luckily for those who purchased regular season tickets, they become a priority when it comes to getting additional tickets for the playoffs.

Now if you’re wondering where you can purchase tickets for LA Chargers games for less than their usual prices, you will have to be a bit clever in searching for those who already are ticket holders but can’t attend to the game. There’s a good chance you can buy that person’s ticket for a lower price.

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