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Learn Table Tennis Today! So you are intrigued by the prospect of playing table tennis. Welcome to the sport of table tennis or ping-pong as it is termed in a number of recreational centers. As a beginner, you are probably wondering what you need to do to get started on the sport. Read on for the essential things you need to know so you can start playing. The first step is to have a racket of your own. It is primarily manufactured from wood and comes with varying sizes, shapes or weight but always flat and rigid. Glued to the wooden blade’s sides are either sandwich rubber or ordinary pimpled rubber that is used in hitting the ball. The rubbers’ color is red on one side of the racket, and black on the other side. The table tennis balls are either white or orange with a diameter of 40mm and made of celluloid material. They are graded according to a 3 star system with the 0 star and 1 star balls being the cheapest, the 2 star balls being of better quality, and the 3 star balls having the best quality.
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For home use, you may have to buy your personal table tennis table. It is advisable to purchase the 2.74m full-sized tables rather than the compact or mini-tables. Make sure that you place the table in a room spacious enough to allow a little bit of movement and make a standard swing.
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Next on the list is a good quality net which can come with screw-on clamps that are attached to each side of the table, or spring clamps with enough gripping power. Check that the net you are buying is the right height which is 15.25 cm. Using a higher or lower net will give you incorrect playing tendencies. The principal goal of table tennis is to win points from your opponent, enough to win the match. You win a point if your foe is not able to hit the ball with his racket over the net and onto your side of the table. The game is won by the first player to reach eleven points. If you and your opponent are tied at ten points, the first one to get a two point margin wins the game. The match winner will be decided by a best of five or seven affair. In a best of five match-up, the first player to win three games is declared winner. In a best of seven match, the first player to notch four wins comes out the winner. In the secondary objective of table tennis which is to have some fun and get some exercise at the same time, everybody wins. It is a sport you can play for life.

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