Escaping from a Challenging Room

A recent trend across the country for having fun with family and friends is escape rooms. These are rooms where you’re given a set of clues and a situation that you have to escape from, such as a zombie apocalypse or a medical emergency. If you are unable to work together with the other players to solve the clues that will lead to the final answer in a certain amount of time, then you fail at the game. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind while playing that can sometimes make it easier to escape.


The most important thing that you have to do when it comes to escape rooms is to communicate with the other people who are on your team. Don’t keep information that you find to yourself. Even if it ends up being wrong, you have to come up with some information instead of nothing in order to get out of the room and solve the puzzle. Yell across the room to the other players if you find information that can be used to solve the game. 


Although there aren’t many clues that you’ll need to keep on hand until you reach the end of the game, it’s important to stay organized so that you know which key unlocks a lock or which tools you’ve already used in the game. Consider designating someone as the holder of the clues so that nothing gets lost in the room. Try to write down the basics of the clues that you find, which can sometimes make it easier to solve the puzzle if you work together as a team. While playing in an escape room San Francisco, you might have a small box where you can keep all of your clues and tools until they are needed later in the game. 

Hints and Tips 

Most escape room designs are challenging. Everyone has to work together, which is why escape rooms are beneficial for team-building exercises as well as group sessions with people who might need to develop trust with each other. Fortunately, hints are offered during the game if you ask for them. However, you have to make the decision as to whether you really want to get the hints before time expires or if you want to just abandon the game if you can’t solve the puzzle. There is usually a limited number of hints that are given in a game, so you need to keep this in mind. You don’t want to ask for all of the hints right when you get in the room. 

Trust Others 

When you’re working as a team, you need to put your trust in the other people who are in the escape room. Everyone wants to get out of the room as a winner, so each person is looking for the clues needed to solve the puzzle. If you don’t trust them, then it can be difficult to continue in …

Why I love Games

A buzz word being thrown around currently is “Win-Win”. So often, at least for our most popular activities like football, basketball, and soccer we think of games as being a Win-Lose proposition. When we are trying to build a team, can a game be a Win-Win situation? Yes, it can!

There are two main elements, of a game (and one usually not thought of): A Goal and Rules. Most people just think of a game as “Beating the other team” but using our definition, we see that we can make a game out of anything. This third element, though not hidden, it is often forgotten. The ability to create is one of humankind’s greatest abilities and also one of our greatest duties. Is it possible to create a game to help build your team? 

There are people who study Group Dynamics and create team meeting activities for small groups. What is your team doing to become better? Here are 7 categories to work on: 

  • Curiosity Teach each other to ask questions. Remember the sixties slogan, “Question Authority”? 
  • Awareness Be aware of how certain activities make you feel. Often things like Butterflies in your stomach actually mean something deeper than being nervous. 
  • Authenticity When things get tough, can you acknowledge how you usually react and more importantly can you use that moment of truth to determine what is really the most effective response? 
  • Accountability Do you really try to make sure all the things you are responsible for actually happen? If you aren’t the best, at a particular aspect of your job, do you ask for help or just let it slide? 
  • Candor Tell each other honestly and with compassion, non-judgementally the truth and things will change. 
  • Genius Who really is the best, at a particular skill or subject, on your team? Do you empower them to use that talent? 
  • Appreciation We don’t only have to appreciate the salesperson who won the million dollar contract, what about the secretary who always puts the stamp on your envelopes without you even having to remember to ask? 

Sure, you can try to do “Office Olympics” like the crew on that famous or is it infamous TV show from a few years back but there are whole companies dedicated to creating situations and more importantly locations that enhance the team building experience. An important aspect provided by game builders, with experience, is the ability to match specific games with your groups abilities and needs. Sometimes we let our excitement, for a certain activity cloud our reasoning in determining what will be accomplished by playing the game. This can happen with our work tasks also. Something to observe is whether an activity culminates with everyone together or with everyone but the winner and runner up sitting on the sidelines, possibly getting bored, till the end of the game. Is there something you could change, in your company’s office routine to draw everyone together naturally?

Escaping Work to Break Out of an Escape Room

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to escape work for a while and relax? Well, there is a new method of bringing employees together with an unorthodox approach. A team building escape room provides a series of tasks that must be completed as a team in order to be successful. Clues and various tips will challenge even the smartest employees with many of the tasks requiring teamwork to solve. There are different scenarios with unique challenges that must be completed in an hour or less. In a lot of cases, the teams barely make it out before the clock runs out. 

Benefits of a Team Escape Room 

Goal Minded: If your employees have problems setting goals for themselves, an escape room will definitively solve that problem. Escape rooms work on the principle that to reach the end goal, smaller ones must be met throughout the challenge. As teams meet small goals they feel like celebrating and when the final goal is accomplished, it sets a tone for what can be done in the workplace. 

Problem Solving: Escape rooms will benefit your employees by developing team problem-solving skills. The team is locked in a small room with a series of quizzes in order to win the game. It’s a basic concept, but one that heavily relies on team members using their brains to accomplish the mission. Employees have to use logic and think fast before the clock runs out, which is exactly what happens at work with jobs that have deadlines. 

Creativity: Different puzzles provide an opportunity to be creative and focus on the task at hand. One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into an escape room is the theme. Puzzles look like puzzles or are they even puzzles at all? Creativity comes into play when it takes a closer look to understand what the puzzles truly mean. This develops your employees to find creative solutions in real-world business situations that come up unexpectedly. 

Teamwork: There isn’t a whole lot of fun for one person in an escape room, they would have to Albert Einstein in order to escape on their own, so teamwork plays a big factor for achieving the goal. Escape rooms work with a large team or as two smaller teams working towards the same goals. No progress will be made if the teams start to argue and fight or one person thinks he knows it all. Differences need to be aside, and the team needs to depend on each other in order to escape. This benefits employers as employees learn to work together to solve different puzzles that can be used in real business situations. 

Escape Rooms Are Fun and Engaging 

Employees will get excited as they learn about being transported from the same environment into a situation that is thrilling and challenging. A smart boss would keep his employees on the clock while the team heads over to the escape room. The benefits of doing something unorthodox for your employees will …

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It gives the player the opportunity to build and improve card collection with the Conflict Royale Household and also Clash troops, spells and defenses. Uang greenback inilah yang nantinya akan kita tukarkan dengan Google play present card dan setelah itu kita mampu membeli ribuan gems clash royale secara free of charge. So, before you have clash royale hack, clash royale gems got used an excessive amount of Clash Royale cheat Could bear in mind your …

I Can Lose Weight Without Having to Cook the Food for Myself

There is a group of women in my office who started a weight loss group together. They each bring in their food each day, and I became interested in learning more about the company they purchase it from. Each of the ladies are losing weight easily, so I wanted to know if it would work for males, too. That night, I found some Nutrisystem for men diet reviews and began reading through them. It turns out that the plan is perfect for guys like me who are not good cooks because you can simply purchase the pre-packaged foods, heat them and eat them.

I’m not lazy when it comes to anything. So, I’m not too lazy to cook.…

What Kind of Party Decorations Are Appropriate?

There is always a reason to celebrate.  People feel obligated to celebrate their nation’s birth, their own birthday, a relative’s birthday or an annual gift giving holiday.  However, it’s just as easy to create your own holiday, set up your own party decorations, and celebrate just for the sheer thrill of it.  Besides, isn’t celebrating a lot more fun than just getting together and having nothing to do?  Well, why not start your own holiday?  Start your own magazine, your own talk show, your own holiday and your own self-appreciation day.  Sort of like the Oprah Winfrey empire, but with twice as much Ale chugging.

There’s always a reason to celebrate and you don’t have to make the day all about you.  (Though occasionally it’s fun to embarrass the guest of honor)  You could do holiday events like Easters, Christmas or Father’s Day and have a field day doing party decorations.  You can keep track of everyone’s birthday and throw them a surprise party the day before or day after.  You could hold parties for newborn babies or for major milestones in a child’s life.  You could have religious festival days or just name a bogus holiday and use it as an excuse to play some cards or other party games. 

No one should ever need a good reason to play music, listen to live music or dance moronically.  There’s always a good excuse to throw an exciting party with lots of party decoration and pleasant distraction.  Why not throw a killer Halloween party and encourage everybody to wear the freakiest and most shameless costumes imaginable.  Speaking of adult fun, there’s certainly nothing wrong with inviting your lads over and taking off on a stag party.  Furthermore, there’s no good reason why hens can’t get together and throw a killer hen night party. 

Just how elaborate should you get with party decorations?  Whatever works in alignment with the theme of the event.  Black is great for Halloween but red and other brighter colors go well at bachelor/bachelorette parties.  Yes, the intent is definitely to be theatrical, fun and maybe a bit over the top.  Just don’t spend too much money on a party decorations theme that’s going to visually assault the guests as soon as they walk in!…

5 Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

It’s easy for families to fall into a Christmas tree decorating rut.  Every year they get out the same decorations-the same round glass ornaments, lights, tinsel, and star for the top of the tree.  After a while, the same old thing becomes boring!  If you’re looking for some fresh new ideas for decorating your Christmas tree, look no further.  We’ve got five unique decorating themes that will make your holiday tree a lot more interesting.

The Patriotic Tree
Every family can appreciate a Christmas tree decked out in red, white, and blue, and it’s especially appropriate if you have family members who are veterans or currently serving our country.  After the Fourth of July is the time to stock up on items for this decorating theme.  Look for little American flags, stars, empty firecracker boxes, and other patriotic memorabilia.  Large red, white, and blue pom-poms can be a nice touch on a patriotic tree, too, because they give the impression of a firecracker or sparkler.

The Children’s Tree
For a family with young children, this decorating theme is particularly enjoyable.  Children’s trees should be whimsical and young-at-heart, covered with toy trains, dolls, candy, and all things enjoyable to kids.  Small boxes of crayons, paint sets, chalk, toy cars, little books, and balloon animals are other fun ideas.  Remember that with children’s trees, it’s critical to consider the age of the children in the home, and to choose age appropriate decoration.  You don’t want to decorate with any items that could be choking hazards.

The Animal Lover’s Tree
Not all families have children; some have pets instead.  If you’re an animal lover, why not decorate a special Christmas tree just for your beloved companion?  Obviously, the types of decorations used will vary depending on the type of pet you have.  For a dog, chew toys and dog-themed ornaments are a good place to start.  If you have cats in your home, look for small cat toys, tins of catnip (well sealed, of course), and cat-shaped ornaments.

The Sports Team Tree
Many families have a favorite sports team that they follow.  Why not decorate your holiday tree to show your team spirit?  Begin by choosing all decorations in your team’s colors.  Then add special team memorabilia, including any small items with the team logo on them.  Old ticket stubs from past games can also be a fun touch.

The New Year’s Tree
If you’re someone who spends most of your holiday season looking forward to New Year’s Eve and the many parties and celebrations that go with it, then a New Year’s Eve tree may be just what you’re looking for.  Fun decorations might include noisemakers, small plastic New Year’s babies, plastic champagne glasses, empty mini champagne bottles, corks, and party hats.  This tree will be particularly enjoyable if you host a New Year’s Eve party at your home.

Remember, decorating a unique and interesting holiday tree doesn’t have to be difficult.  Your imaginations is the limit when it comes to decorating …

Few benefits of free arcade games online!

Lots of people are known to the disadvantages of playing online games. But, when it comes to improvement and development of thinking abilities these free arcade games online turns out to be beneficial.

You will be known to the fact that playing computer and online games can be fun. However, it is impossible to take eyes off from the PC screens if the phones ringing or the TV show is going to begin or dinner is getting burnt.

People have normally heard bad thing regarding these games. These are the games that are addictive. These games can cause kids to spend their valuable time in front of computer and compromise on the work, school and family. Playing these games can also make the child lonely as there will be no companions. However, these are the things possible when you play these games throughout.

One of the facts that people are not aware about is that playing online games can prove to be beneficial in several ways in comparison to the habit of watching TV. According to the recent research it has been noticed that playing puzzle and word games reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease. However the risk of this disease increases if TV is watched entire day.

There are lots of researches that have proved that playing free arcade games online have positive impact on mind of youngsters. The speech of kids improves when they play word, puzzle and trivia games. There are some classic games that help in offering ability to focus and analyze shapes and plan ahead.

On the other hand, watching TV is completely passive. You will be needed to do nothing however share, overhear and open chips packet. This is when actually the mind stops working and it becomes of no use.

Another thing that you need to know is that playing games is less solitary act than what majority of the people think about it. Along with that, majority of the games such as sports games, billiards and chess are mainly two or multi-player games in which players will compete with one another.

Majority of the gaming sites these days have lots of features which actually encourages people to interact among the games which includes chats, forums, multiplayer tournaments and other such things.

Hence get started with searching for the best free arcade games online so that you can play with your kid and have the best time ever along with developing various skills.

One of the sites that you can check out for this is!…

How to Organize a Halloween Party…

If you’re not on Trick or Treat duty and throwing a monster bash instead, here are some tips on how to organize a Halloween party:

1) Pick a Theme. Will it be monsters, movie characters, celebrities, pirates, or a free for all? Depending on whether you are having a children’s or adult party, will help to determine the theme. If hosting a children’s party, be sure to have plenty of parental supervision. And if you decide ‘costumes required’ party or casual.

2) Invitations. Make a guest list and send out invitations 2 weeks before the party. Choose invitations that will go along with your theme and get creative. You can save time and money and buy invites from your local party supply store or have some fun and make them yourself. Remember to keep it simple and be budget conscious. E-mails are also a fast, easy, and eco-friendly way to send out invites. Be sure to specify details about the party. Indicate if it is an adult, children’s or all ages party. If it is going to be a themed party, make sure to include instructions regarding costumes and if they are required. Don’t forget to include directions to the party, beginning and ending times and any special announcements such as costume contests.

3) Décor. Prepare your decorations 1 week before the party. Buy them from a party store, OR make them yourself. Give your self enough time to decorate. Depending on the complexity of your decorations, begin decorating the day before, or have some guests arrive early the day of to help out. One of my favorite décor pieces this season are the Oversized Paper Jack-O-Lanterns. The set of 3 are perfect for indoors or under the moonlight and collapse down flat so when not in use they can be easily stored.  Additional decoration tricks are throwing some white sheets over furniture to give an abandoned look. Replace regular light bulbs with black lights and red or green bulbs. Fog machines or dry ice in hot water always set a spooky mood. Fake spider webs are inexpensive and go a long way when decorating for Halloween and don’t forget the classic black and orange helium balloons to add instant spirit to your home.

4) Food and Drinks. Decide what type of food you will be providing and if you will provide a buffet table, simple refreshments and finger foods, delivery/take out or a potluck. Drinks will depend whether it is a children’s or adult party. Wine, cocktails, beer or a special Witch’s Brew is always fun! Drinks for the little ones can include fruit punch, soda, juice or a non-alcoholic Witch’s Brew. The perfect ice bucket or party tub can help you’re your drinks ice cold and refreshing the whole night through. And what’s a Halloween party without sweet treats? The dessert table should include cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, pumpkin pie and a bowl of candy. Whether young or old, it’s always a good thank your guests with a …

Romantic Party Invitation And Decoration Ideas For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day party :-

The Valentines Day is the most amazing moment itself but there is something more interesting and that is the V day’s party. Late night parties are the most rocking thing to do so are should really good ideas which can make your party go great.

The things which make party happening are:-

1. The theme
2. venue

every one know that the V day is not just a day it’s that special day for the lovers and every one want to keep this in there memory list as long as they can. The Valentine’s Day parties are based and are organized on the two themes:-

1. Love
2. Glory

The whole area is decorated with red and white color decorations. The part venue can be a romantic beach or any good resort which can provide you with such services of romantic decoration. When we completed with the planning all these things next what should kept in mind is the dress and games.

valentines party decorations :-

The decoration of Valentines Day is really important as it reflects the mood of the party organizers and the party people. The decoration is generally in two colors that is the red that is the symbol of love and the white symbol of peace. The decoration for these parties are light in colors and the decoration area is somewhere near to the most romantic location.

Valentines Day ideas :-

The Valentines Day is not just a day but a sweetest day which comes only once in a year after long wait. On this day there are many places where the couple parties are being organized. The venues for these kinds of parties are really special and they can be:-

1. Cruses
2. Hotels or
3. The beach side or pool side dinners

The whole venue is decorated in such a way that it can create the romantic atmosphere like decoration of the place with lots of red roses and lots of candles. Red roses are the main essence of this day as it is said that the red color is the symbol of love.…