Escaping Work to Break Out of an Escape Room

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to escape work for a while and relax? Well, there is a new method of bringing employees together with an unorthodox approach. A team building escape room provides a series of tasks that must be completed as a team in order to be successful. Clues and various tips will challenge even the smartest employees with many of the tasks requiring teamwork to solve. There are different scenarios with unique challenges that must be completed in an hour or less. In a lot of cases, the teams barely make it out before the clock runs out. 

Benefits of a Team Escape Room 

Goal Minded: If your employees have problems setting goals for themselves, an escape room will definitively solve that problem. Escape rooms work on the principle that to reach the end goal, smaller ones must be met throughout the challenge. As teams meet small goals they feel like celebrating and when the final goal is accomplished, it sets a tone for what can be done in the workplace. 

Problem Solving: Escape rooms will benefit your employees by developing team problem-solving skills. The team is locked in a small room with a series of quizzes in order to win the game. It’s a basic concept, but one that heavily relies on team members using their brains to accomplish the mission. Employees have to use logic and think fast before the clock runs out, which is exactly what happens at work with jobs that have deadlines. 

Creativity: Different puzzles provide an opportunity to be creative and focus on the task at hand. One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into an escape room is the theme. Puzzles look like puzzles or are they even puzzles at all? Creativity comes into play when it takes a closer look to understand what the puzzles truly mean. This develops your employees to find creative solutions in real-world business situations that come up unexpectedly. 

Teamwork: There isn’t a whole lot of fun for one person in an escape room, they would have to Albert Einstein in order to escape on their own, so teamwork plays a big factor for achieving the goal. Escape rooms work with a large team or as two smaller teams working towards the same goals. No progress will be made if the teams start to argue and fight or one person thinks he knows it all. Differences need to be aside, and the team needs to depend on each other in order to escape. This benefits employers as employees learn to work together to solve different puzzles that can be used in real business situations. 

Escape Rooms Are Fun and Engaging 

Employees will get excited as they learn about being transported from the same environment into a situation that is thrilling and challenging. A smart boss would keep his employees on the clock while the team heads over to the escape room. The benefits of doing something unorthodox for your employees will have a long-term business impact and make your team a finely tuned machine.