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Ben 10 Story behind:

What’s better for a 10 year old boy than being able to turn into a superhero…being able to turn into several superheroes, of course!

It all starts while on a camping trip with his grandfather Max and his cousin Gwen. Ben discovers a strange device, the Omnitrix, which locks itself on his wrist. With the Omnitrix watch, Ben has the ability to morph into bizarre aliens like Heatblast, Upgrade, Grey Matter, Stinkfly, Ghostfreak, Razorjaws, Wildmutt, Fourarms, XLR8 and Diamondhead. Each alien has its own set of special abilities that Ben can use, while at the same time still maintaining his 10-year-old personality. With these powers, he can play the part of a superhero, righting wrongs, saving the world and getting into some good old-fashioned kid-style trouble.

The path of the super hero however, proves to be trickier than he first imagined, especially with the evil alien warlord Vilgax pursuing him relentlessly to retrieve the Omnitrix and gain these great powers Ben has found.

When he’s not tangling with Vilgax’s cronies or other earthbound villains, Ben is travelling the country in his Grandpa Max’s van; a good-humoured, open-minded and unsuspecting mentor who wants to put a little more excitement into his grandson’s life by taking him on a cross-country summer vacation. Ben and Grandpa are joined on their road trip by Ben’s cousin Gwen, who is smart, level-headed and not exactly thrilled to be along for the ride. Still, as the voice of reason, she’s invaluable in times of chaos, which is pretty much all the time.

Ben and Omnitrix watch

The Ben 10 Online Store is where you can find the complete range of Ben 10 toys.

The store is run by Digital Stores Ltd on behalf of Cartoon Network. Visitors to the store are generally mums (18-40) looking for presents for their kids who are upto 7 years old.

How to Throw a Ben 10 Birthday Party:

Throwing a themed birthday party can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have as a parent and experience as a child. There are many different ideas you can have and need to follow to have a great party that everyone can enjoy. On this page you will learn more about what it takes to throw the perfect Ben 10 themed birthday party. We will cover some essential party planning tips like invitations and basic Ben 10 party supplies. We will also cover some creative Ben 10 games that are inexpensive if not free. With these different ideas you will be able to have the perfect Ben 10 birthday party that everyone can enjoy.


Ben 10 History Lesson:

For those parents who are unfamiliar with Ben 10 I thought I would first share a little history behind your child’s favorite show so that you can better understand how to throw the perfect party. Ben 10 is a television show on the Cartoon Network that is in its second season and has grown in popularity including having its own video games.  The story of Ben 10 centers on the character Benjamin Tennyson. Benjamin journeys into the woods alone and discovers a device that attaches to his wrist permanently allowing him to change into different characters. Each of these different characters Ben can now transform into carry a super power to that specific character. Ben discovers that he then must use the different powers to battle evil. Within this actual plot you can receive a lot of different inspiration when it comes to making your child’s birthday unique. However we will share a lot of different ideas found within the Ben 10 game ideas.


Ben 10 Birthday Party Supplies:

Creating a Ben 10 birthday party can be extremely simple with the help of party sites on the internet. The Ben 10 supplier I have found to have the best value to find party supplies is to visit They offer a wide variety of ben 10 party supplies including party plates, napkins, utensils, hats, cups, temporary tattoos, disc launchers, banners and more. If you happen to be on a tight budget here are some ideas to still throw the perfect party. Ben 10 uses the colors of Green and Blue. If you supply the party with items that reflect these different colors you will be able to attract almost the same feel as if you had Ben 10 party supplies.

Ben 10 Birthday Cake Ideas

The theme of Ben 10 is the space/monster adventure Ben is on throughout his battles with evil. The cake you create should reflect the adventure Ben 10 goes through every day and that your child will experience on his special day. If you want to make a Ben 10 cake out of ordinary cake mixes I would suggest you add a nice green dye to the actual cake. This will make your cake a nice green color that reflects the alien surprise Ben encounters every day. You could also buy a Ben 10 cake pan to make a cake with the shape Ben has.

Another great option to creating teh perfect Ben 10 cake is to take Ben 10 action figures or anything that looks alien and add them to the top of the cake.


Ben 10 is an amazing show about using your imagination to follow the storyline. When you begin thinking of ideas for your child’s birthday party you will need to keep in mind this same type of imagination. Obviously you can take the traditional games you have heard of before and adapt them to the Ben 10 alien theme. The first game I would suggest is Ben 10 alien shooter. In this alien shooter game you will need a few toy guns that shoot foam discs. These can be bought from your local Wal-Mart of even sometimes a few dollar stores carry them. You will then need to print pictures of Ben 10 aliens from your home computer. Attach these pictures to cardboard, and then set them up in random places throughout your house. You will then have each child run through your “shooting range” shooting as many aliens as they can in a certain period of time. The winning child will win a small Ben 10 prize. There are many different variations you can add to each game you have heard of or think of yourself.

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Ben 10 Party Goods