Rogue Mui Battle of Azeroth

The Rogue in the “Assassination” branch is a popular class, which was also changed by the developers in the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion. Among the basic skills, you should note the “Vendetta” buff. The skill at activation for 3 seconds accumulates 60 units of energy. The “Mutilate” skill has decreased in price from 55 to 50 reserve resources. The Shrouded of Concealment spell masks the group members within 30 meters, not 20. The Feint ability reduces the damage from spells with an area effect by 40%. In the “Legion” is was 50%, plus there was a recharge time of 15 seconds. For the ability “Cloak of Shadows”, recovery has increased from 1.5 minutes to 2. Passive ability “Venomous Wounds” has been reworked. If the poisoned target takes damage from bleeding with the skills as Garrote, Rupture, and Internal Bleeding, 7 energy units will be replenished. If the target dies from the effects left by the “Internal Wound”, then the resource used is compensated, depending on the remaining time of the debuff’s action. Passively, “Mastery: Efficient killer” increased the damage from bleeding and poison by 70%, and in the “Battle for Azeroth” only by 40.6%. The reason for buying powerleveling WoW, to master all the changes already at level 120 is enough.

Talents have also undergone major changes. In the first dash, the “Elaborate Planning” has changed, and the finishing moves increase damage by 10% instead of 12% for 4, not 5 seconds. Here a new spell “Blindside” appeared. It is a blow to a vulnerable enemy with a health reserve of less than 30%. It deals 928 damage and gives a 30% chance that the next “Mutilate” will not require energy, regardless of the amount of life the enemy has. In a tier of level 30, the new Master Assassin skill increases critical attack damage by 50% while stealth is active and for 3 seconds after leaving it. In the mechanics of “Subterfuge” only the damage from “Garrote” has changed, which is increased by 100% instead of 125%. In the third tier, the only change is the addition of “Marked for Death” instead of “Anticipation”. This is a former skill from the last tier, which when used increases the number of combo counter by 5. If the target is killed under the debuff, then the skill is instantly restored. Tier 60 level completely migrated from the “Legion”.

In the next dash, “Internal Bleeding” is changed, with the choice of which “Kidney Shot” inflicts 2356 damage in 6 seconds. Completely new passive spell “Iron Wire” increases the duration of “Garrote” silence to 8 seconds, during this time the enemy deals 15% less damage. The talent “Prey on the Weak” was changed. Increase of damage by 10% after using the “Between the Eyes” or “Kidney Shot” lasts for 6 seconds. Earlier, the buff worked until the end of the effect, and in the list of skills, there was another “Stun”. In the tier of level 90, the Venom Rush skill is completely changed. In the “Battle for Azeroth” “Mutilate” used on the poisoned enemy replenishes 5 units of energy. Talent “Toxic Blade” received a static damage rating of 1305 units when used. Within 9 seconds after that, the target’s damage taken from nature is increased by 30%. Previously, the effect only acted on poisons and was 35%. “Exsanguinate” speeds up the bleeding by 100% instead of 150%.

In a tier of level 100, the passive Poison Bomb ability allows a 4% chance for each used Combo series from Poisoning and Ravaged Wounds to smash a poisoned bottle under the target, causing damage to all enemies within a certain radius. The new passive talent “Hidden Blades” for 2 seconds after using “Fan Blades” increases damage by 20%, the effect is stacked up to 20 times the maximum. Ability “Crimson Tempest” with damage to the area within a radius of ten meters completes the list of talents 100 tier.

The Rogue in the branch “Assassination” remained a powerful duelist, with whom it is difficult to cope one-on-one. That is why buy boost wow of this class should every fan of hassles 1×1. Bleeding, poisons and explosive damage from the final abilities have not disappeared anywhere. The main mechanics will change slightly due to the nerfs of “Dodge”, “Cloak of Shadows” and other important abilities in PvP. Among the new talents should be noted “Venom Rush” and “Poison Bomb”. They will be actively used in duels. AoE abilities “Fan of Knives” and “Crimson Tempest” are suitable for dungeons with raids, if nothing changes in the official release. All data is based on preliminary materials, and therefore there is room for changes in the release. Information on other specializations of the Rogue is expected in the following materials.

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