Unique and Personal Baby Shower Themes

Themes for parties tumble in all directions, but a baby shower begins with one common denominator, babies. Sit down with a notebook and pen, start writing down words that come to mind when the word “baby” is spoken. The mind conjures up images that provide a multitude of ideas. Babies: lullaby, rocking, sweet, gentle, tiny animals, storybooks and their characters, downy soft, sunny, silly, and whimsical are a few words associated with babies. Add to the list of words specific things you know about mom and dad to be. Perhaps they love the outdoors, gardening, camping, or hiking. It could be a family that finds music and playing instruments to be an important part of their life. A sports family with riotous good humor who believe nothing is better on a hot July night than going to a baseball game. Incorporate what you know about the family with words associated with baby to come up with a very personal theme.

A Sunny Lullaby Baby Shower Theme

A family that listens to Mozart and plays Gershwin on the piano would find a lullaby theme music to their ears. Choose a second word from the list that brings to mind color or touch such as soft or sunny. A Sunny Lullaby Shower would be personal and charming. A Sunny Lullaby Shower brings to mind all shades of yellow, soft creams, and if you know if the baby is a boy or girl you could bring blue or pink into the palette. Start jotting down ideas like having the cake decorated with a cradle in the middle a huge smiling sun and tiny musical notes in all the colors of the palette chosen. Decorate around the theme using suns, babies, and musical notes. If games will be included borrow the premises of the game show “Name That Tune” using lullabies or nursery songs instead of popular tunes. While serving cake and punch play soft lullabies or classical music suited for a baby shower. Music stores carry loads of music for babies or children.

A Fairy Baby Shower

Gardeners and outdoorsmen would find a garden fairy shower to be enchanting and whimsical. The colors of nature come to mind with thoughts of garden fairies: greens, yellows, lavenders, and the iridescent flash of wings. A shower held outdoors on a deck, patio, or even in or near a garden would be a perfect setting for this theme. All things small and botanical could be used. Pressed flowers found at hobby stores like Michael’s could be used to decorate invitations. Fresh flower arrangements with tiny fairies perched among the flowers would create a darling centerpiece. Fairy cakes and nectar (punch) could be part of the refreshments served. There are books galore relating the tales and legends of the wee folk. With a little research A Fairy Baby Shower would make a charming theme.

Zoo Babies Shower

Think about the joys visiting a zoo brings to little ones. Take the wild animal theme and tame it down to become a Zoo Babies Shower. Colors could be as soft as the pink of a flamingo to the cream of a kangaroo’s tummy, or the calm gray of newborn elephant. Call friends and family to gather as many stuffed zoo animals as you can for decoration. Stickers of every kind are available at craft stores and could be used to make fun invitations. Ask the cake decorator to create a wonderful baby animal scene on the cake. Games might include name that animal with only a portion of the animal showing. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination.

Animals on Parade Baby Shower

Two things that children everywhere love are animals and parades. Combine the two for a party with rollicking good fun. The primary colors, red, blue, yellow, green, and orange come to mind with thoughts of Animals on Parade. Kittens, puppies, silly geese, tiny mice, a white goat, a gentle brown cow all marching to band music brings smiles and giggles to faces. Expand on the theme by having a cake decorated with animals clutching bright balloons.

Storybook Themed Showers

Browse through any storybook to spark the imagination. Jot down ideas while reading the story. Take note of the colors used in the stories to create a palette for decorations and favors. A few suggestions follow.

Eloise Baby Shower

The book, Eloise, by Kay Thompson allows a glimpse into the world of a little girl living in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Read the book and then develop an entire baby shower around Eloise’s escapades. Colors would be “rawther” Eloise, deep pink, a lighter shade of pink and a touch of black. This theme would be especially great for a city baby.

Tasha Tudor Theme

A theme surrounding Tasha Tudor, a beloved children’s book illustrator, would incorporate children, animals, nature. Books she’s written and illustrated such as Pumpkin Moonshine, A is for Annabelle (an alphabet book), and Corgiville Fair could be used as guidelines.

Dr. Seuss Theme

Choose any of Dr. Seuss’s wild, whacky rhyming stories as a theme. From the charm of Horton Hears a Who to Green Eggs and Ham or the perennial favorite The Cat in the Hat fun showers themes could be gleaned. Green Eggs and Ham is everything green, punch, food, decorations. Invent a game of where is Sam-I-Am using the book as a guide.

Draw inspiration from libraries, bookstores, children’s clothing shops, a park, or anywhere that attracts babies and their families. Once the motivation sets in the imagination takes over and unique, personal baby shower themes will come to life. The fun is in the planning and the satisfaction in the face of a mother to be when she walks in to the shower and finds herself whisked into the wonder of baby enchantment.